Stearic acid SAPO (palmitic acid & stearic acid)


What is stearic acid sapo?

Stearic acid sapo constitutes a crucial ingredient in various industries. Composed of a combination of palmitic acid and stearic acid, the versatility of stearine sapo arises from its unique chemical properties. This blend of fatty acids makes stearine sapo not only highly effective but also widely applicable in various production processes and sectors.


CAS                             67701-03-5

Palmitic acid & stearic acid

Technical                  Cosmetic                  Food 


How is stearic acid sapo made?

The production process of stearic acid sapo is an intriguing and meticulous journey that begins with the careful selection of high-quality raw materials. Palmitic acid and stearic acid are obtained from natural sources such as vegetable oils.

During the production process, palmitic acid and stearic acid are precisely blended in the correct proportions, resulting in the solid composition of stearic acid sapo. After thorough inspection for purity and consistency, stearic acid sapo is packaged and ready for use in various industrial processes.


Difference between stearic acid beads and stearic acid sapo

The main difference between stearic acid beads and stearic acid sapo lies in their fatty acid composition. These distinct compositions make them specifically suitable for different applications.


The function of stearic acid sapo

Stearic acid sapo is renowned for its excellent properties and performance. Due to its unique composition, this substance provides outstanding stability and consistency, making it ideal for various industries. Stearic acid sapo serves as an effective thickening agent and stabilizer in products ranging from cosmetics to industrial lubricants. The possibilities are endless, and its versatility makes stearic acid sapo an indispensable ingredient in numerous manufacturing processes.

Stearic acid sapo in various industries

Due to the versatility of stearic acid sapo, it is a widely used product in various industrial sectors.

In the cosmetic industry, stearic acid sapo is extensively used for its properties as a stabilizer and thickening agent. It is often employed in creams, lotions, and other beauty products to enhance texture, provide consistency, and ensure long-term stability.

In the pharmaceutical industry, stearic acid sapo plays a crucial role as an ingredient in ointments and medicinal preparations. Its stabilizing effect contributes to the quality and shelf life of pharmaceutical products.

The technical industry utilizes stearine sapo due to its unique chemical properties, including the stability and consistency it offers. In technical applications, stearic acid sapo often serves as a thickening agent in lubricants and other technical formulations.

Lastly, stearic acid sapo finds broad application in the food industry as emulsifiers and thickeners. Whether improving the texture of bakery products or stabilizing sauces, stearine sapo plays an essential role.


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