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In an increasingly complex world, you, as a formulator, face daily challenges that you don't have to face alone. We can help you make choices and provide you with the information you need to remain successful in your market.

For over 40 years we have been selling products in our submarkets. These products are mostly based on natural raw materials. Morover, we have a lot of knowledge about our products. Our experience makes us a discussion partner for many of our customers when it comes to development and making choices in our offer of raw materials.

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We regularly share insights in our products and services on our website and via our LinkedIn channel. You can read these articles on our insights page.


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In addition to being a supplier of a diverse range of oleochemicals and its derivatives, Chempri also is a producer of a large number of esters. These products are made at our very modern production site. We can also customize these products to meet specific customer needs. In addition, we offers the ability to facilitate reaction chemistry for partners. We are open to discuss various types of chemistry, including those outside of oleochemistry. 

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