Stearine 98% (stearic acid & palmatic acid)


What is stearine 98%?

Stearine 98% constitutes the essential building block of numerous industrial applications and is characterized by its main components, stearic acid and palmitic acid. These high-quality raw materials play a crucial role in various sectors. Stearine 98% is a white, hard substance mainly composed of stearic acid. These acids are renowned for their versatility and wide range of applications across diverse industries.


CAS                              57-11-4

Stearic acid & palmatic acid

Technical  Cosmetic  Pharmaceutical    Food                   


How is stearine 98% made?

The production of Stearine 98% begins with carefully selected raw materials, including stearic acid and palmitic acid, obtained from natural sources such as vegetable oils. These raw materials then undergo an advanced production process, which includes purification and refinement, resulting in a high-quality end product with stability, consistency, and excellent lubricating properties. After thorough quality control for purity and consistency, the Stearine 98% is packaged and ready for use in various industries.

The function of stearine 98%

Stearine 98% distinguishes itself through its versatile properties, making it an essential ingredient in various applications. Due to the unique combination of stearic acid and palmitic acid, Stearine 98% exhibits excellent lubricating properties, making it ideal for use in the production of lubricants and greases. Furthermore, it is renowned for its stability, making it a valuable addition to products requiring long-term shelf life.

Stearine 98% in various industries

Thanks to its diverse properties, Stearine 98% has found its way into various industries.

In the cosmetic industry, Stearine 98% is a commonly used ingredient in the manufacture of creams and soaps. Here, it contributes not only to a stable texture but also to the long-term shelf life of the products.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Stearine 98% is valued for its stability and safety. It serves as a reliable ingredient in medicinal ointments and tablets, where consistency and purity are crucial for the effectiveness of the final product.

In the industrial sector, Stearine 98% shines in the formulation of lubricants used in machinery and equipment. The unique properties of Stearine 98% contribute to the efficient operation of the machines, where lubrication is essential for optimal performance and durability.

Additionally, Stearine 98% excels in candle production, where it not only ensures a consistent burning experience and a long-lasting flame but also serves as a key ingredient in candle wax. The candle industry benefits from the unique properties of Stearine 98%, which not only add visual appeal to the candles but also contribute to efficient and sustainable production.


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