Paraffin 52 - 54


What is paraffin 52 - 54?

Paraffin 52-54, also known as paraffin, is a type of paraffin wax and hydrocarbon wax that is extensively used in various industries. It is a colorless and odorless substance composed of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons. Paraffin 52-54 has a melting point between 52 and 54 degrees Celsius, making it a versatile product with diverse applications.


CAS.             64742-43-4


Cosmetic Farmaceutical


How is paraffin 52 - 54 made?

Paraffin 52-54 is obtained from petroleum during the refining process. Crude oil is heated and separated into different fractions, with the heavier fractions being used for the production of paraffin. These heavier fractions then undergo a careful purification process to meet the desired specifications. This results in high-quality paraffin wax that is suitable for various applications.


The function of paraffin 52 - 54

Paraffin 52-54 possesses excellent properties that make it a sought-after choice in various industries. It has a slightly higher melting point than paraffin 50-52, which makes it slightly harder at room temperature. This makes it ideal for use in coatings, seals, and laminates. Paraffin 52-54 is also widely used in other industries.

Paraffin 52 - 54 in various industries

Paraffin 52-54 is widely applied in various industries.

In the cosmetics industry, it is used in creams, lotions, and lip balms due to its soothing and protective properties. It helps keep the skin hydrated and protects against external influences.

Paraffin 52-54 is also extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of ointments and medications. It ensures proper absorption of active ingredients and contributes to the texture and stability of the products.

Furthermore, paraffin 52-54 is employed as a coating in various industries. It is applied to different materials such as wood, metal, and concrete to protect them against corrosion and wear. The water-repellent properties of paraffin 52-54 create a durable and protective layer.

In the rubber industry, paraffin 52-54 plays a significant role. It is used as a plasticizer to make rubber products flexible and durable. The addition of paraffin 52-54 allows the rubber to bend and flex easily, making it resistant to deformation and tearing. This is essential for the production of various rubber products such as tires, hoses, and seals.

Finally, paraffin 52-54 finds its application in the food industry, particularly in the preservation and packaging of food. It is used as a coating for cheese, fruits, and vegetables to keep them fresh for a longer period and protect against spoilage.


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