Paraffin 50 - 52


What is paraffin 50 - 52?

Paraffin 50-52, also known as paraffin, is a type of paraffin wax and hydrocarbon wax that is widely used in various industries. It is a white, odorless substance composed of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons. Paraffin 50-52 has a melting point between 50 and 52 degrees Celsius, making it a versatile product with diverse applications.


CAS.             64742-43-4


Cosmetic Farmaceutical


How is paraffin 50 - 52 made?

Paraffin 50-52 is made from petroleum. First, crude oil is heated and separated into different components. The heavy components are used to produce paraffin. These heavy components are then cleaned and purified to obtain the highest quality of paraffin wax. This is done through a careful process that involves removing impurities. Ultimately, high-quality paraffin 50-52 is produced, which can be used for a variety of purposes.


The function of paraffin 50 - 52

Paraffin 50-52 possesses excellent properties that make it a sought-after choice in various industries. It has a low melting point, which allows it to easily melt and become liquid at relatively low temperatures. This makes it ideal for use in candles, where it ensures even burning and a long-lasting flame. Paraffin 50-52 is also widely used in the cosmetics industry, where it is applied in skincare products, lip balms, and creams due to its soothing and moisturizing properties.

Paraffin 50 - 52 in various industries

Paraffin 50-52 finds its applications in various other industries.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used in the production of medicinal ointments and creams, where it forms a protective layer on the skin and aids in the absorption of active ingredients.

Additionally, paraffin 50-52 is utilized in the food industry, particularly in the production of food packaging and coatings, where it provides a barrier against moisture and oxidation.

In the industrial sector, paraffin 50-52 is employed as a lubricant for machinery and as an additive in various manufacturing processes. It offers excellent lubrication properties and can reduce friction, preventing wear and damage to machinery.


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