Linseed fatty acids


What is linseed fatty acid?

Linseed fatty acids are an essential and versatile product within the chemical industry. These fatty acids, also known as linseed acid, are extracted from linseed oil and are renowned for their diverse applications. Linseed fatty acids comprise a collection of organic acids. The unique chemical composition of these fatty acids is naturally derived from the flax plant, distinguishing them as a natural and sustainable ingredient. The complexity of this organic product contributes to its broad applicability within various industrial processes.


CAS               68424-45-3

Linseed acid



How is linseed fatty acid made?

The production process of linseed acid begins with the careful extraction of linseed oil from the seeds of flax plants. After obtaining the linseed oil, the process continues with an advanced chemical pathway, subjecting the linseed oil to a series of operations that result in the isolation of linseed acid. This process requires precision and craftsmanship to ensure that the end product meets the highest industrial standards.


The function of linseed fatty acid

Linseed fatty acid is known for its excellent properties and functionalities. The product exhibits natural resistance to oxidation, making it a sustainable choice for various industrial purposes. Additionally, linseed acid is valued for its quick-drying properties, making it a popular ingredient in paint and coating systems.

The chemical structure of linseed acid contributes to its ability to act as a stabilizer and additive in various products. From polymers to lubricants, linseed acid contributes to enhancing the properties and performance of a wide range of materials.

Linseed fatty acid in various industries

The versatility of linseed fatty acid makes it an indispensable ingredient in various industries, particularly in the technical sector.

In the paint industry, it is used as a binder that ensures the durability and quick drying of paints. Within the plastics industry, linseed acid acts as a stabilizer, extending the lifespan of polymers.

Furthermore, linseed acid is applied in the production of lubricants, serving as a lubricating component that not only reduces friction but also contributes to the protection of machine parts against wear and corrosion.

Finally, linseed fatty acid is widely used in the plastics industry, acting as a stabilizer that extends the lifespan of polymers. Due to its unique properties, linseed acid acts as a protective factor, enabling plastics to withstand the influences of time and environmental factors.


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