Heliwet PG 650 (Coco Glucoside)


What is Heliwet PG 650 (Coco Glucoside)?

Heliwet PG 650 is a surfactant, made from a mixture of C12-14 Alkyl polyglycoside and lauryl alcohol. It is obtained from the reaction of glucose and fatty acids, converting the molecules into sugar chains. The result is a mild, plant-based and non-irritating surfactant capable of emulsifying water and oil and cleansing the skin.



Coco Glucoside



How is Heliwet PG 650 made?

Heliwet PG 650 is produced through a careful process that starts with the selection of raw materials. The C12-14 alkyl polyglycoside and lauryl alcohol are combined with glucose and then subjected to a series of reactions and separations to ensure purity and quality. The result is a clear, light yellow liquid with a pleasant smell. Heliwet PG 650 can be combined with other surfactants and can be used in various personal care formulations.


The effect of Coco Glucoside

Heliwet PG 650 has cleansing and foaming properties and is therefore widely used in personal care products, such as shampoos, shower gels, facial cleansers and toothpastes. The alkyl chain is on average larger than that of Heliwet APG and PG 225, resulting in a richer foam. It is mild and non-irritating to the skin, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. It is also a sustainable choice as it is derived from renewable plant resources and is biodegradable.

Coco glucoside is also an effective emulsifier and can help stabilize formulas by mixing water and oil. This makes it an excellent choice for products such as creams and lotions. It can also help thicken formulas and create a rich, luxurious feel on the skin.

Heliwet PG 650 in various industries

Heliwet PG 650 is a versatile product and is used in various industries, including the personal care industry, the household and industrial cleaning industry and the agricultural industry.

In the personal care industry, it is often used in shampoos, shower gels and facial cleansers due to its mild properties and effectiveness. Coco Glucoside is also used in the household and industrial cleaning industry in detergents and all-purpose cleaners because of its excellent cleaning power.

And in the agricultural industry, it is used as a surfactant to help disperse and absorb pesticides and herbicides. This improves the effectiveness of these products. Heliwet PG 650 can also be used in other applications, such as in the textile and paper industry.

The versatility of Heliwet PG 650 makes it a valuable ingredient in various products and industries.


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