Erucic acid


What is erucic acid?

Erucic acid, also known as erucic acid, is a fatty acid belonging to the family of monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acids. This fatty acid is primarily extracted from various plant oils, with rapeseed oil being a significant source. Chemically, erucic acid is recognized for its single double bond at the ninth carbon atom in the carbon chain, giving it the classification of an omega-9 fatty acid.

The properties of erucic acid make it a valuable raw material for various production applications.

IBC                   Drum

CAS                   112-86-7

Erucic acid


How is erucic acid made?

Erucic acid is primarily extracted from rapeseed oil through a process called saponification. This involves hydrolyzing the oil to release the erucic acid molecules. Subsequently, these molecules are separated and purified to obtain erucic acid in its pure form.

The pure erucic acid is then utilized in various applications, ranging from industrial to pharmaceutical purposes.


The function of erucic acid

Erucic acid distinguishes itself through various properties that make it appealing for a wide range of applications. It is valued for its stability and viscosity, rendering it a valuable raw material in the manufacturing sector, particularly for cosmetic, lubricant, or cleaning-related products.

The stability of erucic acid ensures that products have a longer shelf life and are more resistant to spoilage, thereby preserving their effectiveness.

Erucic acid in various industries

Erucic acid is a valued fatty acid in various industries due to its diverse properties.

The cosmetic industry frequently employs erucic acid for its favorable moisturizing properties and stability. This fatty acid finds its way into creams, lotions, and other skincare products because of its ability to hydrate and protect the skin. The properties of erucic acid contribute to the development of cosmetic products that enhance and safeguard the quality of skincare.

Erucic acid also finds applications in various industrial sectors. It is used in the production of lubricants, fats, and oils due to both its viscosity and thermal stability. These properties make erucic acid a valuable lubricant in various mechanical applications, supporting the durability and effective operation of machinery and devices in diverse industrial environments.


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