Coconut fatty acids type N


What are coconut fatty acids type N?

Coconut fatty acids type N, also known as coconut acid, primarily consists of saturated fatty acids extracted from coconut oil and is renowned for its versatile applications across various industries. Coconut acid serves as a valuable building block for numerous products, whether in the production of cosmetics, food items, or industrial lubricants. Its diversity makes it an exceptional and adaptable ingredient.


CAS               90990-15-1

Coconut acid

Application  Technisch    Cosmetisch


How is coconut fatty acid type N made?

The production of coconut acid begins with the extraction of coconut oil from ripe coconuts. This oil then undergoes a refined refining process where impurities are removed, resulting in a pure base of coconut oil. The pure coconut oil is then subjected to specific chemical processes, ensuring the isolation of coconut acid. This meticulous production process guarantees the highest quality of coconut fatty acids type N, which is essential for its broad applicability.


The function of coconut fatty acids type N

Coconut acid is known for its unique properties and diverse applications. As a saturated fatty acid, it provides excellent stability and durability. In various industrial processes, coconut acid serves as an emulsifier and stabilizer, helping products remain homogeneous. Moreover, it acts as an effective raw material for the production of soap and detergents, adding cleansing properties.

Coconut acid in various industries

Coconut acid is a versatile fatty acid with applications across various industries.

In the cosmetic industry, coconut acid is commonly used in the production of cosmetics, including soaps, shampoos, and creams. Its natural origin and mildness make it a popular choice for products applied directly to the skin.

In the food industry, coconut acid serves as an additive and emulsifier. It contributes to the texture and stability of food products, making it a valuable raw material for food production.

Finally, coconut acid is often added to industrial lubricants due to its lubricating properties and resistance to oxidation. This makes it a valuable component in the production of lubricants for machinery.


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