Cetyl alcohol


What is cetyl alcohol?

Cetyl alcohol is an important chemical compound used in various industrial applications. This substance is also known by the chemical name 1-Hexadecanol. Cetyl alcohol is often used as an emulsifier, which means it enables the mixing of water and oil components. This versatile ingredient is an essential part of countless products that we use in our daily lives. 


CAS.                   36653-82-4

Cetyl alcohol

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How is cetyl alcohol made?

Cetyl alcohol is produced through the hydrogenation of palm kernel oil or coconut oil. This hydrogenation reaction leads to the formation of 1-Hexadecanol, the main component of cetyl alcohol. The process involves converting unsaturated fatty acids into saturated fatty acids, resulting in a more stable chemical structure. The end product, cetyl alcohol, has a waxy texture at room temperature and is often further processed for use in various industries.


The function of cetyl alcohol

Cetyl alcohol possesses unique properties that make it suitable for various applications. It acts as an emulsifier and stabilizer in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations, aiding in the blending of water and oil in products like creams and lotions. This results in a smooth and pleasant consistency that can be easily applied to the skin. Additionally, cetyl alcohol has soothing and moisturizing properties, contributing to the overall quality of skincare products.

Cetyl alcohol in various industries

Cetyl alcohol is a versatile substance with a wide range of useful properties. The product has found its way into various industrial sectors:

In the cosmetic sector, cetyl alcohol functions as a reliable thickener, an efficient emulsifier, and a stabilizer in different products, ranging from silky creams to revitalizing shampoos and conditioners. These properties of cetyl alcohol contribute to the overall texture and stability of cosmetic formulations.

In addition to the cosmetic industry, cetyl alcohol is also widely used in the pharmaceutical sector. It plays a role in the production of pharmaceutical ointments and creams, where it helps evenly distribute and stabilize active ingredients. This contributes to the effectiveness of these products in treating various skin conditions.

Lastly, cetyl alcohol is also frequently used in candle production. Due to its waxy texture and high melting point, cetyl alcohol is an excellent choice for candle making. This not only provides the candles with a solid structure but also extends their burning time.


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