Cetostearylalcohol 50/50


What is cetostearylalcohol 50/50?

Cetostearyl alcohol 50/50, also known as cetearyl alcohol, is a versatile and essential raw material extensively used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. This chemical compound belongs to the family of aliphatic alcohols. It is a mixture of cetyl alcohol (C16) and stearyl alcohol (C18), hence the chemical description: Alcohols, C16-18.  


CAS.                   67762-27-0

Cetearyl alcohol

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How is cetearyl alcohol made?

Cetostearyl alcohol 50/50, much like cetostearyl alcohol 30/70, is produced through a meticulous chemical process where fatty acids are derived from plant sources such as coconut oil and palm oil. These fatty acids then undergo a reaction with alcohols to form cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. The name cetostearyl alcohol 50/50 signifies that the substance is a mixture with 50% cetyl alcohol and 50% stearyl alcohol, while in the 30/70 version, it's 30% cetyl alcohol and 70% stearyl alcohol. These subtle variations in chemical composition lead to different application possibilities and properties.


The function of cetostearylalcohol 50/50

Cetostearyl alcohol 50/50 serves as an excellent emulsifier and thickening agent in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations. Its ability to blend water and oil makes it a crucial component in lotions, creams, ointments, and emulsions. Additionally, it possesses soothing properties, moisturizing and nurturing the skin without leaving a greasy sensation. This renders it suitable for both skincare and haircare products.

Cetearyl alcohol in various industries

Cetostearyl alcohol 50/50 is a versatile substance primarily used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

In the cosmetic industry, it's frequently employed as a thickening agent and stabilizer in cosmetic products like creams, lotions, and serums. Cetearyl alcohol aids in creating a smooth texture and enhancing product consistency, while effectively delivering active ingredients to the skin.

The versatility of cetostearyl alcohol 50/50 is also evident in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, the substance is often used in medications and ointments due to its soothing properties. It helps reduce irritation and enhances the absorption of active compounds through the skin.


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cetostearylalcohol 50/50

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